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A fun story not to be missed

On May 21st, Hotel VQ’s team members were gifted by the joy and devotion of a young heart named, Nathaniel Crossley. After the cancellation of last year’s U2 concert at Invesco field due to a back injury, Nathaniel took it upon himself to not only give his support for Bono’s recovery, but shares it in a big way!

Creating a Facebook fan page named Bono I Got Your Back!, Nathaniel tells of his ultimate commitment as a fan while naturally creating a community of followers himself. With 1,660 fans to date and growing by the hour, Bono is definitely feeling the love.

As for us, we not only enjoyed hearing about one of our guests’ experiences, but we appreciated being a part of it as well through Nathaniel himself.

Photo provided by the Crossley family

Check out Nathaniel’s next move in following U2 today!

Much appreciation and gratitude to the Crossley family and Nathaniel for sharing their experience with us and our team. It was a lot of fun!
- Hotel VQ

3 Responses to WITH LOVE FROM ME, TO U2
A fun story not to be missed

  1. Lisa Welch says:

    WTG Nathaniel! We are ALL so Proud of You! There is nothing you can’t do little guy! Keep up the good work, and we’ll keep supporting you as well!

    Best Wishes,

    Lisa (NJ)

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the sweet story. Great guys, and I had a blast hanging out with Nathaniel and Blake all weekend. Also had a lovely time staying in your hotel. Very kind and accommodating staff.

  3. Frank Morga says:

    Thanks for posting his story; it deserves more press.

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