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Introducing Sports Authority Field at Mile High

On August 11th, Colorado’s local news joined in the announcing of the official name change of Invesco Field to Sports Authority Field at Mile High. As Hotel VQ’s famous neighbor undergoes a complete name change,  removal of all signage stating ‘Invesco Field’ in and around the surrounding areas, Denver residents are having to accept the beloved stadium under the new name.

With public statements from Sports Authority representatives, promises to provide not only their financial participation to the condition of the stadium but encouragement and support to the Denver city. For local residents, there is a mixture of both positive and negative emotions about the change. Either way, supporters to the decision strive for a rebuilding of the Denver Bronco’s esteem and overall spirit for the game…not that Bronco fans ever lost that.

By the time Bronco’s play this season’s first game against the Raiders, Invesco Field will be no more and replaced city’s sport power house. So get ready everyone… a true new season awaits for us all!

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